Recreational Classes

Class Descriptions

Beginner – The first step into the world of gymnastics and Fun! All skills focus on form and technique on floor, beam, vault and bars. Major skills are handstands, cartwheels, bridges, pull up and overs and turns on the beam.

Intermediate –  This level is designed for students to begin learning the skills that required for the competitive gymnastic world. Standing back handspring development, cast and back hip circles on bars, vault to handstand and skill combination on beam are the main areas of focus and Fun!

Tumbling – Introduction to tumbling starting with handstands and simple rolls, working towards back handsprings and round offs. Skill development and strength development are the major areas of focus.

Advanced Tumbling – Power tumbling is the focus, must have round off back handspring, or with instructor’s permission. Multiple combination skills and somersaults and twisting are the main component to this class.

Astrokids – designed for boys ages 5 – 8, Astrokids teaches boys the fundamentals of gymnastics while learning to move like a superhero, be a wall crawler or wanting to leap building in a single bound! Number One Rule: No Capes!

Stunt Double – for boys 9 and older, introduction in to the skills to be a circus or movie stunt performer and parkour. Safety rolls, wall flips and pick and choose tumbling skills that interest them.

Adult– Adult class ages 17+ open to ALL levels from beginners to former gymnasts or cheerleaders. This class is go-at-your-own pace and provides the opportunity to try all four events: Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor. Great for fun and fitness!